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Endless sandy beaches for swimming, lush green mountains for hiking and a unique riverside forest for biking, are the natural landscape of Stavros.

The organized sandy beaches of Stavros, all with lifeguard cover, are safe for children to swim.

Stavros is located at the foot of Mount Holomontas (highest toop 1165m), which is characterized by rough valleys and rocky canyons.

Finally, Stavros is near to Makedonika Tempi, a riverside forest protected by the international convention of Ramsar, and near to the Lake Volvi, the second bigest natural lake in Greece.

Don't forget to visit "Apollonia illi" a horse riding center ideal for kids in the village of Rentina!

Hiking Mount. Stratoniko

Hiking Lake Volvi - Makedonika Tempi


The area of Stavros is inhabited since ancient times.

Stagira,10klm away from Stavros, is the birthplace of philosopher Aristotle. The city was established at the year of 655 BC, became a member of the First Athenian Alliance before the Pelloponesian war and was totaly destroyed and rebuilded by Macedonian King Philip II.

Many tools and objects, dated from Neolithic period, archaic statuettes and potsherds dated from Classic till Roman and early Christian period. period were found in the Castle of Rentina, build on a hil on top of Makedonika Tempi.


Stavros is only 40km away from Ouranoupolis, the gate to mount Athos, the center of Eastern Christian Orthodox monasticism.

Monastery of Megisti Lavra and Monastery of Vatopedion are the two biggest monasteries of mount Athos, bulit over 1.000 years ago.

Women are not allowed to visit the monasteries of Mount Athos, but they can see the peninsula of Athos with a sea cruise.

Near to Stavros is located the post-Byzantine church of Saint Marina. It’s architectural rhythm is single- domed Byzantine. The walls and the domed blends harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment. The festival of St. Marina take place each July 17 and remains known until our days.

Mount Athos


Stavros is at a crossroads that unites the largest cities in Northern Greece. Thessaloniki, Kavala, Serres and Drama are within an hour (by car driving).

Thessaloniki, the 2nd biggest city of greece is a city you have to vist. Archaeological sites, including the White Tower, the Arch of Galerius and the ancient Agora, religious monuments, such as Saint Dimitrios and the Rotunda, deserve your visit.

Kavala is a coastal town with a beautiful harbor to walk and many shops to go shopping. Ancient Philippi is a famous archaeological site you have to visit.

On the way to Serres, you have to visit the cave of Alistrati, one of the largest and most beautiful ones in Greece and in Europe.

Lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini